Proudly promoting listings in the finest advertising venues.

With a continuous exclusive affiliation, the office of Elise Kalles promotes and features your property through detailed magazine advertorials and on web pages which include photos, descriptions, and detailed information.

Board of Regents Luxury Residences opens venues for advertising your property in both online as well as luxury magazine formats.

Luxury Homes unlocks the door to spectacular real estate, exclusive estates and the world’s finest luxury homes. They showcase the world’s finest real estate and the industry’s leading luxury brokers. Elise Kalles is a proud and exclusive member of the Luxury Homes community.

The Globe and Mail and National Post are our venues of choice to weekly advertise your property in the paper.

Post City Magazines committed to producing unique, high-quality community magazines that report on the news, people and lifestyles of Toronto’s finest areas.

Our own exclusive magazine, Collections will also showcase your home in the highest standards. It is distributed through

the Globe & Mail throughout central Toronto four(4) times a year.

Print Publications

International Web Strategy


International Web Strategy